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Towards a better future

I believe we all have a destiny that is predetermined. I also want to believe that my destiny includes being able to help others. When I finally (without telling anyone else) decided to take the plunge and start a watch brand, my younger brother called me in the same instant and wanted us to do the same. If this is not how fate works, then I do not know.


My brother and I have always had a love for Japan. Everything from the language, the culture and the people. It was my brother who in my early teens introduced me to the enchanting world of anime. We even went to a Japanese language course at the university, although I am ashamed to say that I do not recall that much today of what we learned there. One day I hope to be able to make a longer study trip to Japan and learn the basics on the spot instead.


Our goal with AMURAI is to create inspiring watches and accessories, that all tell a story. We want AMURAI to stand for something more than just a fine wristwatch. Giving back and sharing are key words that we will always strive for in our everyday lives. That is why we choose to donate 5% of all sales on our website to charity. Hopefully, we can make a change towards a better future together with our fellow (S)AMURAI’s.


Co-Founders, Eddine Boucherit (left) and Sofiane Boucherit (right).

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